Shhh…It might be spring…

Saturday morning we headed for the cabin. The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was one of the first days that really felt like spring around here.

Because this is what spring looks like in North Idaho

I was in no hurry to get up to the cabin (other than the fact I was thirsty because I left my water bottle on the seat of the jeep…) because the sunshine felt so so good. I was hiking in a tshirt and UnderArmor! It was 50 degrees!

A glance at the cabin indicates the crazy amount of melting we need to happen before we can drive to the cabin. I’m accepting bets on when we’ll be able to


7 Replies to “Shhh…It might be spring…”

    1. Nah, that hike and the cabin were AWESOME this weekend. Nothing like being outside in the sun to lift your spirits. (I even got a little sunburned!)

      P.S. There’s a pair of snowshoes here with your name on them…

  1. Before I saw the caption on the first picture my immediate thought was “That’s not spring, that’s winter!” You poor thing.

    I predict that the cabin will be snow free the first weekend in June, but you’ll be able to drive up the week before.

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