Today is the Day: Snow Free Yard

This morning before I headed to work I ran outside and snapped a couple pictures of the house. It’s raining and today will likely be the last day we have icebergs in our yard.

There’s plenty of large ice piles around town that will probably be there until June (mainly from plowing the streets) but now that today likely means the yard is snowfree really marks the beginning of snow melt watch.

Now for THAT snow to melt
F cheated and knocked it apart a little yesterday

And if you tell me it’s likely to snow once more this year I will shove my fingers in my ears and do my best impression of a five year old. “I CAN’T HEAR YOU.”


3 Replies to “Today is the Day: Snow Free Yard”

  1. Hurrah for the snow being gone! It’s an event I usually look forward to with much anticipation. Of course, this year we didn’t really get snow, so there’s none to melt. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

    1. Yeah, it’s out of the yard…but it’s snowed a couple of times just above us so we’re not out of the woods here yet.

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