We had dinner Sunday night at F’s brother Skye’s house. Skye and his wife, Ashley, have quite the collection of animals on their “miniature farm.” They have a soft spot for all sorts of unique animals. We got to meet their miniature donkeys, draft horses, fainting goats, llama, and alpaca.

Mini donkeys

Skye with the week old baby goat
Did you know goats could be cuddly?

9 Replies to “Menagerie”

  1. So cute! I’m trying to find “Baby Animal Days” at local farm stores and museum farms, but you have one right in the family! The rest of my comment will simply be names of animals with exclamation points. Donkeys! Goats! Horsies!! Yay!

    1. They live on a mini-farm. Oh. And their surrounded by wineries. Excellent family to go visit.

      AND we got to target shoot. (Which we really should do more of HERE.)

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