Wine Tasting: Preston Premium Wines

On our way back from Oregon we had a little bit of extra time to kill before arriving in Post Falls for class. Forrest asked me what we should do with the time right as we drove by a sign that said “Preston Wines, 3 miles.” Clearly, I knew what we should do with our “extra time.”

Preston Wines was the third winery licensed in Washington back in the 70s and the first in the Tri Cities. I did their complementary tasting of three wines as well as the $5 estate tasting. I wasn’t wildly impressed with any of their wines. In an area acclaimed for its wines, this would not be somewhere I’d recommend (although it’s location right off of US 395 is convenient).

Preston Wines Tasting Room

Their tasting room is set above the winery giving a pretty view of the vineyard and surrounding area. The pourer wasn’t particularly knowledgeable about the process and couldn’t explain to me the differences between their labels (Preston vs. Long Tail Lizard).

Bottom line: Spend the extra 10 minutes to drive to one of the many area wineries in the Tri Cities area.

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