Multnomah Falls

On our way from Oregon to Idaho we stopped and took some pictures at Multnomah Falls. Both F and I had been there before but it is really pretty. There are lots of waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge, especially this time of year, but this is the “one.” I even think it is quite prettily framed by the bridge.

Sprocket was eyeing the creek…

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  1. I LOVE the Columbia River Gorge. I spent a summer working on restoring the historic highway and had so much fun spending time there. Andrew’s parents live in the Gorge on the Washington side so we get to visit often.

    1. Multnomah Falls is a total must stop. (How many great natural sites like that are literally an off ramp on the freeway?) I must say it pales in comparison to my absurd excitement over seeing spawning salmon the last time we were adventuring in the gorge. Dead and dying fish have never been so exciting…

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