EMT Class: Medstar Helicopter

Last Monday we rushed back from Oregon in time for EMT class. It was a little bit different than our usual class and we covered Landing Zone procedures for a medical helicopter rather than a chapter of trauma response. The classroom portion was taught by a man who has spent his whole life around helicopters; first as a pilot in Vietnam and then flying medical helicopters. He’s retired as a pilot but stepped into the education role for NorthWest Medstar, the helicopter service that responds to our area (based out of Spokane).

After we were done with the classroom portion, the helicopter (or “bird”) flew in so we could talk to the crew (a RN, a respiratory therapist, and the pilot). I have a softspot for things that are set-up “just so” and the inside of a medical helicopter is certainly like that.

(Thanks to Jesse for the pictures. I forgot to take my camera out for the landing.)

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