The Hopefulness Of Spring

I am a bit afraid of speaking too early but I believe spring has come to Northern Idaho. The temperature creeped up to 70 degrees at the house on both Monday and Tuesday! We brought home our new quad last week (because after selling ours last fall we needed another for exploring!) and have been out testing the limits of the snow’s retreat as often as we can.

There is certainly less snow at the lower elevations (3,000-4,500′) for this date than there was last year but up high (like at the cabin) there is still a bunch of snow. Hopefully the snow melt continues like it is so we can get back into the high country soon.

In the meantime though, the three of us are back to riding 3Up all over the area. We’re exploring, hanging out together, and soaking up the beginnings of springtime. The days are getting longer and every day we go out we’re able to ride further. Wedding planning is starting to feel more real (just over five months now!).

EMT class is winding down and soon our evenings will be our own again. Dishes and laundry will be done during the week leaving our weekends open for playing and exploring. A certain feeling of hopefulness is undeniable when I’m out smiling my face off at the trees, the sky, and the mountains over Forrest’s shoulder with Sprocket leaning against my back.

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