Making Plans, Sans Family

I’m headed over to Vantage, Washington to go climbing with a group of women I’ve never met. The internet will do things like that to you. As I dig out my harness and climbing shoes, I’m excited but really quite nervous, considering it’s been a long time since I’ve been climbing. As I accepted the invitation, I was very clear that I was a most certainly a beginner but ultimately, my excitement about getting out and enjoying the world on my own terms a bit won out and I decided to go. (I’m still a bit nervous but the decision has been made and I’m going.)

Solo camping in Glacier National Park

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tended to want to stick close to home, or wherever Forrest and Sprocket are. When I have set out on my own (for APW Book Club in Missoula, visiting friends from Bates and Bellarmine in New England, or checking out Glacier with Sprocket) I remember how good it is to set out on my own sometimes. It usually makes the coming home that much sweeter.

So this weekend, away I go to make some new friends and attempt to climb. Forrest and Sprocket are going to a trials event on Sunday in Spokane. And Sunday night? Our little family will reconvene in Mullan.

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