EMT Class: The Final 3 Weeks

As I’m not going to class on Friday, I only have nine class meetings left in the EMT course. It’s getting down to crunch time!

I’ve started feeling a lot better about the practical skills exam in the last week or so. I practiced a trauma evaluation in front of the class yesterday and it went pretty well. I made some mistakes but nothing I can’t easily correct and walked away feeling much more confident in my ability pass the test (and perhaps perform in a real world situation).

Next week, I’m going to start really buckling down to review the medical chapters in preparation for our classroom final (May 7th, coming up fast!), the practical exam (May 12th), and the NREMT the written exam (to be scheduled after we pass the practical).

We’re both super excited to have my life back, get some sleep, and start summer!

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