Summer To Do Lists

Our summer to do list is full of way too many practical things right now. On the list:

Finish the van: In the next couple of weeks we need to make some decisions about the final setup of the van and Forrest can get welding on the framework for the bed and cabinets.

Side the cabin and finish insulating the inside: After we get the siding done the place will be officially weather tight. Finishing up the insulation in the walls and ceiling are also on the docket for summer.

Plan wedding: Most of the planning for the wedding is done. There’s some loose ends to tie up but we’re really getting there. I’m sort of liking having it too look forward to as an end of summer hurrah though.

But after my hike yesterday (more on that tomorrow), I have an itch to climb mountains. We haven’t done near as much of this as I’d like in the last couple of years (which partially my fault and partially the fault of the cabin/house for needing to be worked on). My list has only TWO summits for all of last year on it and one of those is East Grouse Peak which hardly counts.

I don’t know if all of these things will happen but here’s my fun list for summer (I’ll have to get Forrest’s later).

Climb Idaho’s high point Borah Peak (12,662 ft): Not only would Borah be my lifetime high point it’s another state highpoint! The trailhead is a six hour drive but there’s plenty to do on the way back to make it worth it so this seems like a viable weekend trip.

Climb some local peaks: There’s a ton of mountains to climb right around here. They’re not all massive but using the top 10 high points in the Couer D’Alene Mountains (our mountains are a subrange of the Bitterroot Mountains) isn’t a bad place to start. Then there’s the Cabinets which really aren’t that far away (especially once Cooper Pass melts out!)

Leavenworth-Grand Coulee Dam Trip: I haven’t been to touristy Leavenworth for ages. And neither Forrest or I have seen Grand Coulee Dam. It might also be a good opportunity to visit with my cousins at their cabin in Hunters on the way home. (Maybe they’ll have their boat at the lake which would fill our once yearly need for some time on the water too!)

I can think of a lot more things I’d like to do but summer always feels so short. Way too short. (I can’t even drive to my cabin yet, how can I be thinking about how short summer is?) We’ll do our best to cram as much adventure in as we can though.

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  1. Yes for to-do lists. They get me through the have-tos lists with lots of little lights at the end of the tunnels. I think Borah Peak needs to be a MUST DO. For two reasons (because you need convincing, right? …. ) 1. It’s TOTALLY DOABLE but also a challenge all at the same time, plus weekend trips are my FAVORITE trips, so there’s that and 2) You will have multiple reasons to feel like a badass once its complete. And I think you need to give yourself a chance to feel like a badass right now.

    🙂 Sending fun vibes … they should get to you about the same time that all the have-to items are complete. 🙂

    1. I like making lists because then things get done. Otherwise we end up saying “what should we do this weekend?” then doing nothing. That and I also like feeling like a badass.

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