EMT Class: Passed Our Practical!

On Saturday Forrest and I took the EMT practical exam. (Also known as the “psychomotor exam”.) We both passed!

F and I in Florida (April 2010)

I was more than a little bit nervous after Forrest had already found out he’d passed all of his stations. I’m a wee bit (ha! A LOT) competitive and did not want to do worse than he did!

In the end, we both passed. I’m so proud of us both! We’ll be taking the written exam on the 29th of May. After that it’s just a matter of taking care of some administrative steps and we’ll be licensed EMTs in Idaho!

4 Replies to “EMT Class: Passed Our Practical!”

  1. Whee congrats!

    And I totally hear you on the competitive thing – I would have felt the same twinge 😉

    Also – and this might be very late since I usually use Google reader – love the new blog design.

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