The People You Meet

A couple of years ago, I came to Wallace from Missoula for the 1910 Fire Commemoration. I’m not usually one to worry about getting an author’s signature but since I was there I decided to wait in line to have my copy of The Big Burn signed. While waiting in line, I met Ruth. Ruth and her husband have a cabin up the North Fork and were in town for the festivities. She and I talked about the book and how much we’d both enjoyed the talk. I explained that Forrest and I were hoping to move to the valley and we exchanged contact information. About a month later, we were back in Wallace for my birthday and some job hunting and arranged to meet Ruth and Dave in Kellogg for lunch. That turned out to be the day I got my job here and the day we found the cabin.

Ruth and I have checked in with each other off and on since but haven’t manged to meet up again until last night. She and Dave invited us up to their cabin to join them and their friend Chikako (my best stab at spelling) for dinner. We had the most lovely time. It was wonderful to catch up with them and share stories of our time here in Idaho. We told them about renovating our house, about working on the cabin, and about our future plans.

Our first view of the cabin. (September 14, 2010)

As we talked, I just felt this sense of relief to talk to people who seemed to delight in our ideas and plans. Not to mention, I think I grinned like a fool the whole time we talked with them. It’s not often I get to look at what we’ve accomplished and what we have planned from someone elses point of view.

It’s also not often that we’re treated to such wonderful dinner conversation. The conversation ranged from politics to travel to vehicles to F’s “wisdom.” Chikako (born in Japan) gave us her view on what makes America unique and so full of vitality. We continued the conversation over tea and cake. We wrapped up the evening with promises to stay in touch.

Sometimes I forget how good people are and how much fun I have talking to them. Last night, I remembered.

And on the drive we saw a bald eagle, a moose, ~30 elk, and ~20 deer. So much fun!

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    1. Unfortunately, close is all relative. Ruth and Dave actually live in the Seattle area. And their cabin, while only a few miles straight line distance, is about an hours drive from our house.

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