Memorial Day Weekend

I sorta begged to go somewhere for Memorial Day weekend. And we decided we should be grownups and “get stuff done around here” instead. And then we didn’t. Next time, I’m totally not acting like a grownup and throwing caution to the wind and driving an absurd distance for three days. Done.

Anyway, we wound up spending most of the weekend with Chris and Katie, neighbors who have a vacation house here in town. Saturday, I puttered around the house and Forrest went motorcycle riding with Chris. Then on Sunday, we went to Katie’s parents’ house on Lake Coeur D’Alene. The dogs got to swim and we all sat around on the porch. Occasionally someone would suggest we go for a walk and the consensus would be “in a little while.” We never went.

Yesterday, the four of us headed up to the cabin. We drove up to the gate and made it about 100 yards past where F and I made it last Monday. That corner is full of snow though so we had to give it up and hike the rest of the way (it’s less than a mile). We had a lovely lunch of canned chili and Katie hiked in a couple of beers and half a bottle of wine! After relaxing at the cabin and checking out the snow melt progress (tons of snow left on the road on “the back side,” patches of dirt starting to peak out around the cabin amidst 5′ drifts) we headed back to the Jeep. Katie, Chris, and I hiked all the way down the ridge line and met Forrest there.

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