1st Weekend Of Summer

When I got out of work last Friday we threw our stuff in the Jeep and away to the cabin we went—I hardly set foot in the house.

We unpacked for the weekend (unpacking basically means hauling the cooler out of the jeep and inside) and then Forrest headed back down to show our neighbor April and her daughter Olivia the way up to the cabin. While he was gone, I read the newspaper on my Kindle (best thing ever) and was surprised to see Jim and Krista come up the driveway for a visit. We sat outside and enjoyed the view and I bragged a little bit about “our” moose. Just as I was saying that, the moose made an appearance for a couple of minutes before heading down the hill.

When Forrest, April, and Olivia arrived at the cabin, I showed Olivia the moose tracks and we threw sticks for Sprocket down over the hillside. It wasn’t long, however, before we heard thunder and the rain began to fall. We all retreated inside as the sky opened up. It absolutely poured down rain for a bit and the thunder was so loud it shook the cabin. As the sky cleared, the moose made a reappearance so April and Olivia could see him too. After all of our visitors left, I settled into do my P90X Yoga (I’m obsessed with doing yoga up there, it’s soooo nice) before we headed to bed.

Saturday morning we were up and about by eight (it gets light up there so early now!). After a breakfast of instant oatmeal and hot chocolate and discussion of Friday’s newspaper (I really should have bought the 3G Kindle…) we headed out for a hike. We explored Sonora Gulch and found a “lake” (word has it that it turns into swampy wallow later in the summer). Sprocket loved swimming around—he was such a happy lab! We hiked up a waterfall near the lake back to the cabin.

Back at the cabin we did some organization, after winter things had gotten a bit scattered, I worked out and then we relaxed. In the evening, a couple of our EMT classmates (Kyle and Mindy) came up to hang out. We did some target shooting and then hung out around the campfire. Sunday, we did some more cleanup outside the cabin and had lunch with some neighbors while enjoying the view.


We had such a wonderful time relaxing at the cabin and sharing it with a whole bunch of friends. It was a great way to kick off summer!

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    1. Many jokes are made about how tender he must be because he’s young. I totally support hunting but I can’t ever laugh at the jokes…I just want him to stay on our property and stay safe! (Thus we give him salt treats allllll the time.)

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