Snowstorm Peak

Monday when I got home from work Forrest and Sprocket were waiting for me. Apparently they were waiting for me to join them on an adventure!

Little North Fork basin

The three of us hopped on the quad and headed for the snow shelter. Having only been to the snow shelter once while riding snowmobiles it took us a few minutes to remember which road to take. Once on the road though we climbed up and up the ridge. After we reached the shelter we headed a bit further to the east. When the road ended, we hiked up to the ridge line and looked down on the Little North Fork of the South Fork of the Coeur D’Alene River (seriously, that’s it’s official name).

Sprocket will be sad when all the snow is gone.

I’ve got some peakbagger tenancies and since we were so close to Snowstorm Peak (6,296 ft) we headed east on the ridge. There was still a fair amount of snow but it was  consolidated and easy to walk on and the sun felt nice and warm. We made it to the peak, which really wasn’t anything more special than the ridge but it made me happy, and then headed back down to the quad.

On the false summit
Forrest and Sprocket on a cornice (Snowstorm Peak in the background)
Sprocket on the summit

Mark it down as another wonderful close-to-home adventure with my boys! We’re getting so much better at weekday adventures lately!

Stevens Peak

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