Idaho Centennial Trail

Saturday morning we were busy with a flurry of selling firewood, putting together a load of stuff to take to the cabin, and general being adult things. Seeing as it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I pulled out some maps and insisted that we pick somewhere to go.

Testing out the platform.

We eventually decided to head over to Taft and hit the Idaho Centennial Trail. The ICT runs from Idaho’s southern border up through the state. In this area, it mainly runs on the Idaho-Montana border and is open to motorized use (here it’s mainly gravel/dirt roads). We took the ICT south-east to Dominion Peak (6,032′). Dominion Peak was a really fun viewpoint for us. We were able to see a bunch of the mountains that we see from the cabin from a whole different view point. We could also see the peaks of the Cabinet Mountains to the north.

Jeeping up Dominion Peak

After coming down off the mountain, we tried to continue further but were stopped by snow. We turned around and took a different cutoff back towards the valley. We passed under a recently renovated railroad trestle and found a road that took us up to it. The trestle is only open to foot and bicycle traffic so we walked over it and then through Tunnel 19. Instead of returning to the road we were on, we drove the railroad grade down to Saltese.

Restored trestle near Saltese

In Saltese, we picked up some snacks and headed up Silver Creek Road. The road climbed steeply back towards the state line (and the ICT) but we took the turn off to Silver Lake. Sprocket was sooo pleased! We let him swim. And swim. Roll in the snow on the edge of the lake. Then swim some more. Eventually we loaded him back into the Jeep and set off for home.

Sprocket in Silver Lake
Such a retriever

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