Team 3Up 4th of July

Forrest and I have a (bad?) habit of spending the 4th of July away from each other. The first year we were dating we ran around on his motorcycle and did the holiday up right (BBQ and river, then ocean and seafood). The intervening years had me going to weddings while Forrest was unable to join me for one reason or another (moving our stuff, expensive plane tickets).

This year, with Forrest planning a trip to Oregon to work on our van (!!!!) I insisted that he stick around and spend the holiday with me. We had a rambling adventure through a good chunk of Western Montana (more on this soon).

The best, however, was watching the fireworks in our neighborhood in a family dog pile. There was much cuddling and it was lovely.

 Although this morning F told me he wished we had been in San Diego for their big fireworks oops, I think what we had was pretty sweet.

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