June and July Fitness

I posted awhile ago about how I intended to get back on the fitness wagon after EMT class ended and was only sort of successful—a few bike rides, a few hikes, and some spotty runs but I didn’t get in much of a groove.

In early June, I decided I’d spent the money to buy P90X back in January and it was time to give it a shot since nothing else was getting me moving like I wanted to. So far it’s been going really well! I’ve only completely missed one workout—I’ve had to shift a couple to my “rest” day but since I’d accidentally rested another day and am feeling pretty good I haven’t worried about it.

In addition to P90X, I’m doing the “Nosy Bitches 100 Miles in 100 Days” Challenge. The challenge is to move yourself at least a mile every day via running, walking, or hiking (anything on foot really, my bike doesn’t count). There’s one point available each day forcing you to get out and do something everyday. We all anted up some cash so someone (or a few someones) are going to get a gift certificate to their favorite athletic apparel store. So far, I haven’t missed a day but there’s still a couple others who haven’t either so It. Is. On.

August goal: To get more hiking in. I like that stuff. 🙂

*The number of workouts is a little misleading because a lot of the P90X days have a resistance training component and an abs component. MapMyRun lets me enter the actual routine I did so they get entered as separate workouts. Two “program” workouts in a single day are actually one workout.


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