Van Updates

While I was playing in the Cabinets, Forrest hung out with Ezra in Oregon last week to work on the cabinets. It came back looking like a totally different van!

Not only did they add upper cabinets, they installed a new Fan-tastic vent, carpeted the walls, and built a box for the batteries under the bed to hold our 400 amp hour battery bank. We also have running water now!

New upper cabinets with carpeted walls and ceiling. Fan-Tastic fan installed.
Another interior view
Speakers in the cabinets. Note the passenger side cabinet is smaller for more room over the bed.
Under bed battery box at lower right

There’s a couple storage cubbies under the bed for extra water tanks and tools:

We’ll store an extra water tank in here.
Sprocket models the cabinet accessible via the rear doors.

The bed also can be moved aside so there is a 12′ cargo area for motorcycles, kayaks, building materials, etc. And the top of the big cabinet is a work bench.

Sprocket models the 12′ cargo area.

A very special thanks to Ezra and Thomas for the great work!

10 Replies to “Van Updates”

    1. We’re always planning big trips. It’s just a matter of how many of them actually come to reality. 😉 And we tend to have a pretty high completion rating too.

    1. It’s based on the simplest of plans that keep reappearing on DIY conversions (mostly found on with a dash of inspiration from some professional conversions. Most of it has come directly from Forrest though!

  1. Looking good! Are you guys going to do a solar system up top? We use 2 100W panels on our Sprinter conversion, similar battery bank capacity as yours, great RV solar kits available from AM Solar.


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