Jansport Warranty

My first hike with my pack, 2003.

When I was in high school, I went to REI and bought a day pack. I remember explaining to the salesperson that I’d be using it for a school pack as well as for hiking. They helped me to pick out a Jansport Equinox 33. The pack has seen plenty of use as a school bag (like seven years worth). It’s also seen its fair share of day hiking and after nine years, it was starting to break down in some small ways: the buckles were starting to get brittle and crack but worst of all, the main zipper would work its way open leaving my stuff free to fall out.

Summit of Mt. Ellinor (WA), 2005.

About three weeks ago, I sent my pack off to Jansport for some warranty work. I was really worried that they’d replace it with a pack of inferior quality. I needed my decent hip belt, sternum strap, and packing space. Instead, when the pack arrived yesterday, I got my old pack back with all new zippers and buckles! The whole process took just three and a half weeks and it looks like I’ve got something that is as good as new!

Hiking Katahdin, 2007.

Thanks to Jansport for making this such a painless process. I received an email when my pack was checked in, called the number in that email once to check on it’s process and was provided with a tracking number when I called. All this on top of getting my pack back all fixed.

Mt. Thielson, 2009.

I’m looking forward to taking it out to test it out soon and having more adventures!

Hiking to the cabin. March 2012.

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  1. Hey girl. That is great news. It’s so hard to part with a beloved backpack…I know I had to leave one in North Carolina while hiking on the Appalacian Trail…darn.

    and when I’m ready for a new day pack I’ll look into a Jansport because of your experience…well and they are available almost anywhere too.


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