Big Island: Hawaii Volcanos National Park

At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, we stopped off at the visitors center to get a feel for what is in the park. Unfortunately due to increased volcanic activity most of the Crater Rim Drive has been closed since 2008 along with the trails in the Halemaʻumaʻu crater. We watched the videos in the theater and began to get excited about seeing lava up close and personal (more on this coming soon).

Enjoying the steam vents

Leaving the Visitors Center we headed for Jaggar Museum. Along the way, we stopped off to see the steam vents and the overlook in the crater. At the museum, the plume from Kilauea was slightly visible through the mist. Since the weather was rather damp, we opted to check out Chain of Craters Road before picking a hike for the day. Along the way, we stopped to walk through the lava tube and drive Hilina Pali Road.

Looking into the Halemaʻumaʻu Crater
View at the end of Hilina Pali Road

At the end of Chain of Craters Road, we walked out to where the lava had flowed across the road in 2003. It was really impressive to see the volume of new rock that so easily disrupted our piddly road system. From the sea plain, it was also really impressive to look inland and see the older lava flows coming off the hills.

End of Chain of Craters Road
Forrest is pretty sure it doesn't have to be closed....
Forrest is pretty sure it doesn’t have to be closed….
Anyone know how the rock gets cool rainbows like this?
Anyone know how the rock gets cool rainbows like this?
End of the road
End of the road
Lava flows over Holei Pali
Lava flows over Holei Pali

After our walk on the lava, we headed mauka (“towards the mountains”) to find ourselves a delicious plate lunch for dinner.

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