Stonewear Designs Liberty Skort

Right before we left Idaho, I was lucky enough to win a Liberty Skort from Stonewear Designs. I had horrific memories of skorts from being a kid (remember when they looked like shorts from the back and only looked like a skirt in the front?!) but I was excited to test it out. It turns out I love it!

Picketpost Mountain

The skort is really comfortable. The shorts inside tend to ride up a bit when you’re out being active but it really isn’t too bad. My favorite thing about the skort is being able to wear it on a hike and then to be able to head into town for dinner and still feel appropriately dressed. Stonewear also manufactures their clothing in the United States (my skort is made from non-American material but I’ll take what I can get!) It’s been a great addition to my van clothing assortment.

Hawaii Lava Flow

Hawaii Hiking

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