Reverse Bucket List: F

Today we have F’s reverse bucket list. It’s worth noting that his moniker on many online forums is “Bucket Boy,” a name given to him during his time riding motorcycles—by his mid 20s he’d completed most items on the bucket lists of his older motorcycling peers. Here’s his reverse bucket list:


Served our country in the Air Force.

  • Flew around the world.
  • Got lost in Tokyo.
  • Lived on the equator.
  • Flew with F-15s over Afghanistan.

Driven big trucks:

  • Armored trucks
  • Fire trucks.
  • Semi’s
  • Dump trucks
  • Tow trucks

Rode a motorcycle through 49 states. I’ve rode around on two wheels in every state but Hawaii.

Forrest's motorcycle, Denali

Driven cross-country 10 times (so far).

Flew an airplane.

Was on the front cover of the magazine. One of my Cherokees was featured on the front of 4-Wheel Drive and Sport Utility Magazine in January 2004.


Gave Hummer tours in Moab. I got paid to scare people. Even better, I once showed dinosaur tracks to Mormons.

Won a Nation Championship. (AHRMA Modern Vintage trials)

Vstrom towing Montessa.

Visited most of the National Parks. Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Rocky Mountain, Smoky Mountain, Mt. Rainier, Olympic, Crater Lake, Hawaii Volcanoes, Denali, Death Valley, plus more…

-Went to a Red Sox World Series game, drunk. Beth hates that story.


Became a snowbird by 23. I took a brief break but at 30 I’m back to snowbird status!

Worked less than ½ time in my 20s.

Been in an ambulance as a driver, an EMT, a mechanic, and a “patient.” I was a patient in a mass casualty simulation. Hopefully I can avoid being a real patient for a long time.

Rode my motorcycle down through the Baja peninsula.

Rode my motorcycle through Mexico’s Copper Canyon. It might have been drug country, but it was beautiful.

Copper Canyon 2010

Raced on clay oval tracks. I had my own car in Madras, Oregon. I also was the crew chief for a late-model car that set the track record at Willamette Speedway.

Willamette Speedway

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