Travesia: Jeeping In Mexico

At 3Up Adventures, we always are on the lookout for something exciting and unique to try so when Forrest’s coworker invited us to join an off-road jeep run in Mexico, we went. We arrived at the designated meeting place an hour early, signed up, and waited. Neither of us speak any Spanish but we managed to make a few friends.

Travesia, February 2013

About an hour after we were supposed to meet, things got started. As we started to move out of the gas station, sirens began to blare: we were getting a police escort down the highway through the heart of Sonoyta. As we drove through town, I waved back at the “spectators” enjoying the “parade.”

Traversia, Sonoyta

South of town several miles, we turned west and our trip started for real. It was exciting to drive through a Sonoran Desert that showed it was further south with a different variety of plants. Eventually, we turned off the road and headed cross country, up sand dunes, and through washes. F enjoyed showing off the capabilities of our jeep!

Traversia, Desert Road

Traversia, Donkey

TJ in Mexico


We made camp around three and then went out to play in the sand dunes some more. We’d brought along food for dinner but our hosts wouldn’t hear of us not sharing their feast: we had a yummy bean stew and carne asada tacos. It was delicious!

Jeep, Traversia

Jeeps, Traversia

Jeep on Sand Dunes



Sonoran Desert at Sunset


Jeeping friends

3Up Adventures. Family

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