Scamp Shakedown, Part 2

In the morning, we got a pretty slow start. I took some pictures, we drank coffee, Sylvia made us pancakes, and we packed up camp before heading out for a hike around the valley.

Sprocket camping

Arizona sunrise

Disfigured Saguaro


Forrest climbing in hidden valley

Pink fishhook spines

Fishhook barrel flowers

Stick bug

Hidden Valley

Forrest and Sprocket

Solitary saguaro

Forrest and Sprocket

Fishhook cactus on a rock

When we arrived back at camp, we all loaded back into the Jeep and headed for Ajo. Along the way, Forrest stopped to test the Scamp on some more angles to get a better idea of its capabilities.

Sprocket and Blue

Testing the Scamp

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