La Sal Mountains: Spring Snow

Last Tuesday, we hauled all our stuff north to Moab (as pictured yesterday). It was really exciting to see some real snow covered mountains as a change from southern Arizona!

La Sal Mountains

Getting a glimpse of the mountains from the road was enough for us to venture up into them for the afternoon so we grabbed a lunch, loaded Sprocket in the jeep, and away we went. We headed up La Sal Pass road which climbed quickly into the mountains.

Sprocket and Forrest in jeep

Sprocket was very, very happy to be out playing in the mountains. He could hardly contain himself in the jeep, sticking his head over my shoulder for optimal sniffing capabilities.

Sprocket in Jeep

Mt. Peale

When the snow drifts over the road stopped us, we started hiking. Sprocket immediately ran to the nearest patch of snow and did his usual crazy dog act:

Sprocket in the snow

Forrest and Sprocket

Forrest and Sprocket

Mountain pines

The views from our hike were pretty incredible:

Abajo Mountains from the La Sals

Hiking in the La Sals

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