The Pond Aflame

On the property we have a dry “pond” dug by a previous owner. The pond had a ton of old lumber and debris in it. Last week, those piles went up in flames:

Pond Burning


Burning The Dugout

Next to the very unlivable house on our property, was a small dugout shelter. The dugout had collapsed sometime within the last couple of years and wasn’t worth salvaging so we decided it needed to be among the first things we cleaned up on the property.

Collapsed dugout

Collapsed dugout

Burning the dugout created a nice deep hole that is perfect for burning brush and old lumber we find around the place so there really isn’t an “after” picture yet. I did, rather, have lots of fun taking picture of fire.


Fire through wood crack

Sprocket was helpful as always:

Sprocket with fire

Dugout on fire

Dugout on fire



Burning the dugout



Crazy Dock Jumping Dog

Sprocket isn’t always the most active of dogs. He likes to hike but nothing gets him quite as wound up as the sight and smell of water.

During our adventures in Seattle, we found time for him to do some swimming at a boat launch. Think I’m kidding about him being excited? Nope: as soon as Forrest held up a stick, the dog started whining and wrapping the leash around my legs. Sprocket is nuts for water, seriously.

Sprocket dock jumping

Sprocket dock jumping

Sprocket dock jumping

Sprocket dock jumping

Sprocket dock jumping

Sprocket dock jumping

Sunday Sermon

“I don’t pity any man who does hard work worth doing. I admire him. I pity the creature who does not work, at whichever end of the social scale he may regard himself as being.”

Theodore Roosevelt, Teddy





-Theodore Roosevelt

Sunny Seattle

We both said multiple times during our day in Seattle, “If it was always this nice, we might live here”—it was a simply gorgeous day to be out and about! After touring Seattle Fire Department’s Station 5, we walked north along the piers enjoying the view of the ferries, West Seattle, and the Olympics.

Seattle Waterfront views

Seattle waterfront

Sprocket thought we were torturing him with all the looking at water but no swimming:

Sprocket, Seattle waterfront

Forrest, Seatle Waterfront

After being on the waterfront for awhile, we headed up to Pike Place Market to find some lunch. We saw the original Starbucks (packed as always!):

Original Starbucks

We watched them toss fish at Pike Place Fish Market:

Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Market

Finally, we found a place to sit down and eat our pierogi and gyro. Sprocket was just enjoying the huge variety of smells in the market:

Sprocket in Pike Place Market

Once we were done exploring downtown, we headed over to West Seattle where we met up with some friends, Chris and Katie. Since it was such a beautiful evening, we put their boat in the water and headed over to Bainbridge Island for dinner at the Harbour Public House. It was really fun to catch up and hear about their adventures in Panama (now I can’t wait to go there some day).

Downtown from West Seattle

Bainbridge Island ferry terminal

Beth and Forrest

Olympic Mountain sunset

Touring Seattle’s Fire Boats

Forrest, Sprocket, and I decided to go walk around downtown Seattle a bit. Forrest had never been to Seattle (and neither has Sprocket) so we started out on the waterfront. After we stared at the fireboats from the Ivar’s pier for awhile, Forrest sent me up to the door of the station to ask if we could have a tour. To our surprise, not only were they happy to give a tour to two volunteer firefighters from Colorado but they let Sprocket join us! (My dog was seriously impressive: wonderfully well behaved, didn’t flinch at the grated ramps, or jumping on the boat. He’s awesome.)

Seattle Fire Boats

Forrest, Beth, and Sprocket

Seattle Fire Department

Seattle fire boats

Seattle Fire Department Station 5

For information on official tours of the fireboat, please visit the Seattle Fire Department’s Fire Station Tour information page.

Cleanup Begins…

Buying a new property always involves a some work to make it what you need it to be. If you’re picking up properties on the cheap (as we always do) there’s always an element of imagining what things will be like once we’re done cleaning up. We’ve been hard at work and I should have some “before and after” posts coming for you soon! For now, here’s some shots of what we’re up against:

Scrap metal:
Scrap metal

Old tires:

Piles of wood:
Pond, pre-cleanup

Random cross-property fencing:
Fencing and garage

Old outbuildings:

Pacific City, Oregon

Once we closed on our property in Colorado, the first order of business was to head back to the Northwest to see our families before going to Idaho to get our stuff. While we were in Oregon the weather was absolutely amazing so we called Ezra and headed out to the coast. Sprocket absolutely loved playing in the waves and we really enjoyed the sunshine!

Pacific City, OregonForrest, Ezra in Pacific City Sprocket and friend, Pacific City

Sprocket swimming

Sprocket swimming