Sunny Seattle

We both said multiple times during our day in Seattle, “If it was always this nice, we might live here”—it was a simply gorgeous day to be out and about! After touring Seattle Fire Department’s Station 5, we walked north along the piers enjoying the view of the ferries, West Seattle, and the Olympics.

Seattle Waterfront views

Seattle waterfront

Sprocket thought we were torturing him with all the looking at water but no swimming:

Sprocket, Seattle waterfront

Forrest, Seatle Waterfront

After being on the waterfront for awhile, we headed up to Pike Place Market to find some lunch. We saw the original Starbucks (packed as always!):

Original Starbucks

We watched them toss fish at Pike Place Fish Market:

Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Market

Finally, we found a place to sit down and eat our pierogi and gyro. Sprocket was just enjoying the huge variety of smells in the market:

Sprocket in Pike Place Market

Once we were done exploring downtown, we headed over to West Seattle where we met up with some friends, Chris and Katie. Since it was such a beautiful evening, we put their boat in the water and headed over to Bainbridge Island for dinner at the Harbour Public House. It was really fun to catch up and hear about their adventures in Panama (now I can’t wait to go there some day).

Downtown from West Seattle

Bainbridge Island ferry terminal

Beth and Forrest

Olympic Mountain sunset

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  1. I spent 10 years NW of Seattle on Whidbey Island. Beautiful country, rained less than Seattle and was close to beaches and mountains. That is one of the benefits of living in the NW. Those non-rain days are simply beautiful. I understand you comment about living there some day.

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