Horsefly Peak … Er … Horsefly Brewing

Sprocket and I got up yesterday and headed out for an adventure. Leaving our house, we drove south down Ouray County Road 1, catching glimpses of Horsefly Peak. Horsefly Peak is the highest point on the Uncomphagre Plateau and I would really like to check it off the list.

I’d studied some maps and had reason to suspect that we might be able to get close to it from the southeastern side and drove out Dave Wood Road hoping that Hull Ridge Road was not private, or at least not gated. It wasn’t to be.

Spirits still high, we headed further north hoping to find a good jumping off place for hiking into the hills. There simply wasn’t one.

We explored the Happy Canyon Rim trail; the short version of the the longest short drive ever is that the road never really went anywhere, wasn’t particularly scenic and was unbelievably bumpy. But I was curious so we checked it out and I decided that our jeep needs two-wheel drive low range…

Since I was now on the direct northern side of the mesa, I figured making a nice full circle of the peak would be at least a good consolation prize. I was doing well, making my way up to Bible Camp Road and starting to swing south. Then I reached a point in the road where both forks were marked “Private Property, No Trespassing.” Being that I own a significant amount of land similarly signed, I weighed my options for a moment: I could “trespass” (although according to my map, this was a thru road), I could turn around and go home via Montrose, or I could backtrack the way I came. I had no intentions of going back the way I came as it was at least as long, if not longer. I didn’t really want to go to Montrose, I wanted to circle the peak by staying on the mesa. So through the signs I went.

Interestingly, there were never any signs marking that section as “private” coming the other way. Pleased with this development, I continued to follow the main road.

Wrong way. I should have followed Wildcat Road which would have taken me to Government Springs and hopefully Horsefly would have connected with County Road 22. Instead, I missed my turn and followed Sims Mesa Road. This road popped me back on Highway 550 just south of Montrose. My peak bagging adventure foiled AND my navigating off, I decided I was in need of some internet time (to research how to get to the top of Horsefly) and maybe some beer.

Victory of the day? Horsefly Brewing, their dog friendly patio, and their pale ale.

Have you ever had an adventure just go awry? (Hopefully in a fun way like SP and I!) Ever had a goal trapped behind private property lines?

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  1. We always say ‘an integral part of adventure is planning to change plans’ – sounds like it was a swell journey for ya’ anyway! Good luck with the peak in the future!

  2. great post…i to am interested in climbing this wonderful high point…my thoughts were to try the dave woods road but arggg you tried it and it wasn’t to be…possibly from the national forest above…muir style it at night in a blizzard in the middle of winter…

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