“What Was That Noise?”

That horrible awful sound? What was it?

It wasn’t a “crunch” and as we creeped forward, it continued. I hopped out of the jeep, took a look, and then calmly said, “Uh, set the e-brake. There appears to be a rock in the fender.”

That rock got kicked up, passed over the wheel (hitting the tub the whole way and making that awful sound). We looked at it a bit, and decided the course of action: letting all the air out of the tire.


Fortunately, we carry a compressor on board so we could do this, that rock was wedged in there tight!

I asked F if he’d ever had that happen before and he said he’d heard of it but never seen it. (Sounds like some crazy Jeep legend. But here I am, with photo evidence to tell you it’s true.)

Ever had just a weird event interrupt an adventure?

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