“What Was That Noise?”

That horrible awful sound? What was it?

It wasn’t a “crunch” and as we creeped forward, it continued. I hopped out of the jeep, took a look, and then calmly said, “Uh, set the e-brake. There appears to be a rock in the fender.”

Rock in fender

That rock got kicked up, passed over the wheel (hitting the tub the whole way and making that awful sound). We looked at it a bit, and decided the course of action: letting all the air out of the tire.


Rock in wheel well

Fortunately, we carry a compressor on board so we could do this, that rock was wedged in there tight!

I asked Forrest if he’d ever had that happen before and he said he’d heard of it but never seen it. (Sounds like some crazy Jeep legend. But here I am, with photo evidence to tell you it’s true.)

Ever had just a weird event interrupt an adventure?

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