McKenzie Butte

After work on Sunday, Sprocket and I took a detour on the way home. We took County Road 1A instead of County Road 1 and found it to be a bumpy road without much purpose. We did get to check out this sweet canyon though (and let’s be honest, I love wandering a dirt road to no purpose whatsoever, especially with Sprocket and/or F).

County Road 1A

County Road 1A

County Road 1A

The whole point of taking 1A was to tap into 1B which puts you into a nice chunk of BLM up on the mesa. The public land is crowned by McKenzie Butte (8,017′) and that was our summit goal for the day. It’s not far from a small parking area off this road to the summit of the Butte, but that was just fine for Sprocket and I.

BLM on Log Hill

Views from McKenzie Butte

Horsefly Peak


San Juans from McKenzie Butte

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