Calling for Outdoor Retailer Tips!

WOOOOHOOO! It looks like F and I are headed to Outdoor Retailer (aka ORShow)!

Outdoor Retailer

This is a totally new experience for both of us and we’re excited but now that we’re registered, I’m having a bit of a “uhhhh…now what?” sort of moment.

The only trade show I’ve ever been to was for the mining industry and I still had fun wandering around and looking at the stuff (and having a few drinks…helloooooo Great Basin Brewing Co.) so I am super super super pumped to check out outdoor gear instead of say…drill bits.

I’m also way excited to meet some awesome people that I know only via Twitter and their blogs (I’m looking at you Kristie, Heather, and hopefully some others I don’t know about yet) and seeing some other adventurers again (Katie and Niko, Erica).

But what else do we need to know? Where to go? What not to miss? Events? If you’ve been to an OR Show, spill! 3Up Adventures wants to know how to make our trip totally amazing!

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  1. Have fun! I’m super sad I’m not going to make it to this one. Tips – Take the first day and just wander around to familiarize yourself with the layout. Enjoy happy hours. Bring a backpack for free goodies and cash for even more goodies. And hook up with Teton Sports on Twitter, I believe they are planning an awesome adventure too!

  2. Don’t forget the Comfy Shoes… seems like me feet hurt worse when walking at tradeshows than they do from hiking all day. And don’t miss the Awesome Happy hours on the floor towards the end of the day.

  3. A couple good tips were already posted – wear comfortable shoes and take some time to just wander and learn the layout the first day. Here are a couple others:
    *It seems like everyone wears plaid (the outdoors staple I guess), consider something different haha.
    *If there are certain companies you know you have to talk to, set up an appointment to be sure to get a time slot with a rep rather than just wandering into a booth and hoping someone is able to spend some time with you. It just helps everyones schedule go smoother.
    *If you’re booking a hotel room, consider staying a little bit out of SLC if you don’t mind driving to the convention center and parking everyday…you’ll save a lot on the hotel room costs.
    *Don’t bring a rolling backpacking/suitcase. A lot of people do and the aisles are typically packed, so it just makes it harder to walk around for everyone.
    *Definitely check out the new exhibitor area – lots of great companies in there that seem to get lost with all the action in the main floor areas.
    *Definitely enjoy the happ hours/free beer!
    *Someone else mentioned bringing cash – a good idea as a lot of companies will sell gear for a great discount to raise money for the conservation alliance or other orgs – Osprey, Adventure Medical Kits, and Patagonia to name a few that I can think of, but plenty more. Pick up the daily newspaper each morning to see the full list of events and sales that are going on.

    Hope that helps!
    Enjoy the show!

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