A Glimpse at my Browser Window

I’ve been woefully deficient in the adventure department lately (out to fix that today!) so I’m going to share a little glimpse of our life as it is right now.

Since we don’t have internet at home right now, we’re sitting in the library using the internet. I’m here on our computer while Forrest is using a public computer. (We’re totally gChatting across the building.)

Tabs open on my computer right now:

  • Google Search: “Dogs on Abrahms Mountain?” Looks like a short jeep ride, a long ridge hike, and a great day with my boys.

Brown Mountain Slopes

  • Pretty CJ-8 on Craigslist. $40K is a bit much but it’s quite pretty. (What happened to me?? Oh that’s right, Forrest. ♥)

Restored CJ-8, silver

USGS Map download

  •  REI’s dress department…because that’s how I roll.

REI Dresses


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