Brown Mountain

Last week we started our “weekend” (Wednesday and Thursday) with a drive up Brown Mountain. The road had some awesome views of the north side of Red Mountain #1 (we had views of the south side from Corkscrew Pass a few weeks ago). I am always astounded with the contrasts between the Red Mountains, the green trees, the blue sky, and the gray peaks beyond!

Although no van was pictured on the list of transportation for Brown Mountain Road, it seemed to do just fine:

At the top of the road, we headed up the gully to the ridge of Brown Mountain. The hill side is really steep but the views just get better and better as you get higher. It felt so good to be out exploring with F and Sprocket.

The ridge of Brown Mountain leads to Mt. Abrams which stands out prominently from the Million Dollar Highway. We decided not to venture that far down the ridge on this trip (although we’ll be back!) and instead relaxed on the first small peak we came to and enjoyed the view.

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