New Venture: Alpine Tour Co.

The time has come for us to try to make our way into the business world. For us that looks a little bit like this:

Alpine Tour Co. Stickers

Alpine Tour Co.

Alpine Tour Co.

The official launch of Alpine Tour Co. will be next April but the soft-launch is well underway! We’re super excited about offering amazing Jeep and hiking tours throughout the San Juans between Silverton, Ouray, Telluride, and our home base in Ridgway. See you on the trails!

5 Replies to “New Venture: Alpine Tour Co.”

  1. How wonderful!! Would you consider writing a guest blog post for me about this change in your life. I know it is not really about vandwelling but somehow it still feels like it to me. Adventure is adventure but if you can tie it into vandwelling all the better. I can’t promise any business will come your way but it can’t hurt and might help.

    Do you have any ideas of prices or is it too early for that? I’ll come and take a tour and it can’t be a gift, you must let me pay.

    If you are interested email me at

  2. I get some traffic on my blog that I’d like to add your link to my site. Although my blog title says nothing of hiking, jeeps or backpacking I do have readers that live off the grid and do hiking, jeeping when they are camped.

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