Review: Zuke’s Hip Action Dog Treats

While we were at Outdoor Retailer, we learned about Zuke’s dog treats. Made in the USA and based out of Durango, Zuke’s uses human grade ingredients in their treats. Reading through the pages detailing the philosophy of Zuke’s, I found myself nodding in agreement. “Adventures in life and love are all around, just follow your dog’s lead and open your eyes to opportunities. Our favorite adventures are those that start as nothing, like when a jog in the park turns into an all-out frolic in the creek.” Yup, Sprocket definitely agrees! And they pay their employees to not drive to work, how cool is that?

Sprocket with Zuke's Hip Treats

Since Labs are predisposed to hip displasia, we worry about Sprocket’s long term mobility sometimes. Zuke’s makes a treat for that! Packed with glucosamine and chondroitin plus eggshell membrane (which is packed with nutrients that support joint health) Hip Treats are made for dogs just like Sprocket.

Zukes Hip Action

Furthermore, he finds them absolutely delicious. (Actually, he knows the phrase “Hip Treats” now.)

And if the video wasn’t enough to convince you, I give you “Hover Dog”:

Hover Dog

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