Gear Value: Columbia Titanium Fleece

I was folding clothes the other day and commented to F that his orange fleece is starting to look a little threadbare. “No way! I paid $70 for that fleece, it can’t be worn out!”

Orange fleece

We started trying to place when exactly he purchased this Columbia Titanium fleece and I wasn’t much help because I know it was over five years ago, before I met him. On top of being more than five years old, he has worn it EVERYWHERE.

The fleece is still going strong but we decided that this fleece (and its maker Columbia Sportswear) deserves to be honored on the blog.

Summiting Mt. Washington (Oregon), July 2009:

F at Mt. Washington

Chinatown, San Francisco, August 2009:

F Chinatown menu

Hiking in Olympic National Park, October 2009:

F, Olympic National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, April 2010:

F, Carlsbad Caverns

F and Sprocket

Camping along the Pecos River, Texas; April 2010:


Mt. Michell, North Carolina; May 2010:

Mt. Mitchell, Highest point east of the Mississippi

Not only does he play in his fleece, but he fixes cars in it as well! Culpeper, Virginia; May 2010:

Jeep Repairs

Snow Falls, Maine; May 2010:

Snow Falls (Near West Paris, Maine)

Fixing a Model A; May 2010:

F Model A

Moving in to our house in Missoula, July 2010:

F and Sprocket

Hiking in Moab, March 2011:

F and Sprocket

F and Ezra

Home Repairs; July 2010:


Yellowstone, September 2011:

Old Faithful Lodge

Spokane; September 2012:

F and Sprocket

Day-before-the-wedding; September 2012:


Hiking in the La Sals; September 2012:

La Sals, F and Sprocket

Fixing the Sprinter window, North Fork Salmon River; September 2012:

Fixing the Sprinter window

F and Sprocket

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; December 2012:

Enjoying the steam vents

I’ve even worn it a time or two: Lava Tree State Monument, Hawaii; December 2012:


Childs Mountain, Arizona; February 2013:

F on Childs Mountain

Near Ajo, Arizona:

Arizona desert

I think that fleece has been worth every penny, don’t you?

What gear have you really gotten your money’s worth out of?

5 Replies to “Gear Value: Columbia Titanium Fleece”

  1. A good fleece goes anywhere! I’ll be sad when my sky blue REI fleece falls apart. It got snagged on a cypress tree on our Florida Trail thru-hike but other than that it made it from its purchase in Sacramento in 2009 up the AT, the FT and multiple other trips so far, including just around the house.

  2. I’m kinda laughing because I was just about to post a gear review about how pretty much everything Columbia puts out these days falls apart in a matter of months. Some shorts I bought in January area all but destroyed from less than 20 wearings. My older Columbia stuff held up OK, though even most of those items have busted seams at the very least (loose threads everywhere) while brands like Patagonia and Helly Hansen, even the price point items, last and last and last. Columbia is just cheaply made and I don’t understand how they are such a big company with such low quality. If that fleece has lasted so long, maybe quality has taken a big nose dive or you got a rare, well-made version!

  3. I used to spend a lot of money on outdoor gear, particularly stuff from Sequel, which was based in Durango, CO. If you’ve never heard of it its because the owner decided in 2003 to shut down, rather than move production to Asia. He knew quality would go out the door, but he couldn’t compete with Patagonia, Columbia, etc on price staying in the USA. So he shuttered the doors. I decided then to never buy Asian sweatshop outdoor gear, and look wherever I can for US or EU made clothes. Or, better yet, buy stuff from thrift stores, and mend and repair what I have whenever possible. Helps that at 46 I don’t have to try impress anyone anymore.

  4. Ya know I watched you dog grow up also. I had a black lab. She’s Now gone. I have Zoe a chocolate lab. Thanks for sharing.

  5. WOW, that’s a nice and well traveled fleece shirt!! It’ll still be useful for layering though. Or, if too worn, cut up the fleece makes nice shop towels, in the van towels, or even a decorative pillow cover. I like to hear when people use, use use clothes, then use them for someone or something else. Repurpose.
    Use it up, wear it out, make it do! (supposedly said during the Great Depression)

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