Burning The House

Vacant house

When we purchased our property on Log Hill, this house greeted visitors as you came up the driveway. Long lived in by only cats, mice, squirrels, and rats, “house” was not the word for the structure anymore. Since we’ve taken out many other barns, structures, and trash, taking out the house was the last major piece of the cleanup. Since fall has finally arrived and the fire danger has passed, it was finally time to tackle the project. We started with a propane torch near the back of the house and waited.

Lighting the house

Sprocket was not so sure about this latest project:


Forrest decided that his fire in the back of the house wasn’t going fast enough so he moved on to the kitchen. That seemed to work quite nicely and within minutes, the whole house was ablaze.

Starting the fire

Rolling fire


The smoke plume was rather impressive.



Smoke and flame


Fire tornado

About an hour later, the house was reduced to just the stone walls and chimney. It’s crazy how fast a house will burn!

Family photo

No more house

House fire

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