On The Road Again

Aaaaand, we’re back!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here as we prepared to leave Ridgway and head south for the winter. First we had to figure out what to live in, where we were going, and what we were taking. It turned out that we bought a toy hauler so we could bring a whole lot of gas powered toys. It’s a new experiment for us (after the Sprinter, the Scamp, and our Chevy van).

Whenever you buy a new vehicle there’s always a flurry of activity while trying to get things ready for use. On top of that, there’s the transitioning from apartment living (with a grocery store next door) to living on the road.

Meal Planning

Sprocket for one, is totally excited to be traveling again. This is how our dog shows excitement:

Dirty Sprocket

As it turns out, we’re pretty used to this style of living. It didn’t take me long to be on the lookout for free coffee, an electrical plug in, and some sunshine:

Hippie on the road

Handsome is pulling wizard-like feats of giant trailer turnaround on Forest Service roads and throwing sticks for SP in reservoirs:

Recapture Reservoir

I’m trying to incorporate running in to the day:

Omniten Running

And we’re back to blogging to you from McDonalds:

McDonald's Blogging

It’s adventure time!

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  1. Hi, Do you have any pics or plans for your BEST outhouse ever? I’m researching for a design to build one at our cabin site in Montana. Nice site too.


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