Devil’s Canyon

After a few nights at our property, we finally hit the road. Our first night was spent just south of Monticello near Devil’s Canyon. We’re still getting used to the long train of adventure and had to look around for quite awhile to find a place to turn our trailer around! When we finally found a spot, we headed out for a bit of a walk.

Tree near Devil's Canyon

Sprocket heads to safer ground while F contemplates how strong his perch is:

Devils Canyon

South Mountain

After the boys headed back to camp, I wandered out to the Canyon itself. I was sort of disappointed that it was rather late in the day, I would have loved to crawl down there and explore.

Devil's Canyon

Beth at Devil's Canyon

Devil's Canyon

Devil's Canyon

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  1. I’ve been enthralled that you explore a lot on your own. While I am adventurous enough to explore some local areas by myself, I don’t know about the vast wild places. I need some guts, I guess.

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