Black Hills Traverse

If you’re not in a hurry, taking the long way is usually a lot more fun. Joined by Bob of, we headed out of Cottonwood for Prescott Valley a couple weeks ago and decided that the scenic route was the way to go. Instead of going directly via 89A, we headed out towards the little community of Cherry. The road wound up into Arizona’s Black Hills and the vegetation became a little thicker. Continuing to climb north of Cherry, we found ourselves in a beautiful pine forest.

Along the way, we pulled off the road to admire the view towards Sedona (and more distantly towards the San Francisco peaks). Sprocket joined me for a bushwack to the top of the nearest hill.

The road continued towards Mingus Mountain but most importantly, we were able to get up high and see all the things that there are to explore here in Northern Arizona. Adventure consistently begets more dreams of adventure!!!

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