2013 In Review: By Numbers

2013 certainly was full of adventures and I look forward to 2014 being even more exciting but first I thought I’d do a little different look at 2013: I’m a huge fan of stats. I like to know how far, how fast, how long, how tall and keep tabs on all the numbers. Perhaps it’s just the scientist, data-keeper in me. Thanks to Peakbagger.com and MapMyRun, I was able to find a bunch of fitness related numbers to play with for 2013.

Looking back on what you’ve accomplished in a year has two purposes. The first, of course, is to be reminded of all the good things that have happened. 2013 was certainly a banner year for me in some respects and I’m really proud of that. The second purpose is to figure out how you can improve upon your results for the future. There’s room in all my numbers for 2014 improvement. It should be fun to come back and check on these numbers next year!


I didn’t run much in 2013. Running was always something I should have been doing more of and just didn’t make the time for it.

Running mileage for 2013: 164mi (plus the run I’m squeezing in this afternoon).


At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to hike 100 miles. I’d never really kept track of my hiking mileage over a year and didn’t have a very good idea of what was realistic so I picked a nice round 100.

And looking back at my records, there were months that I did a horrible job of getting out to hike. They were some of the best months for hiking…they also happened to be the months I worked this year: May, June, and July. (September was pretty pathetic too.) Despite that I managed about 250 miles.

Hiking mileage for 2013: 247.7mi


I also embraced the fact that I like hiking for a goal. Specifically, I like climbing to the tallest point around (aka peakbagging or highpointing). 2013 blew previous years out of the water in this respect. Using stats from Peakbagger.com, I generated this lovely little chart (because I’m a giant nerd). This chart only includes data from summit bound hikes:

Peakbagging Summary 2013


Look out 2014. It’s on.

2013 In Review

I can’t believe 2013 is almost over! It’s been quite a year in the life of Team 3Up:

January and February:

Most of January & February were spent hanging out in Ajo exploring the desert. Highlights were driving the Camino Del Diablo and hiking in Arch Canyon.

My faithful hiking buddy

Forrest climbing in Arch Canyon


We sold our Sprinter van and bought an adorable 1977 Scamp. We also watched live bombing practice on the Barry Goldwater Range and went Jeeping in Mexico. As the weather started to warm up, we headed north to Moab.

Welcome toast to the Scamp


After doing some snow wheeling, we decided the Scamp wasn’t quite what we needed and switched to a Chevy van. We hung out in Indian Creek, visited the San Rafael Swell, and explored the Book Cliffs.

Van in canyon

Along the way, the mountains called to us and we visited the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and the San Juan mountains.


The mountains had called to us alright…we bought property outside of Ridgway, Colorado!

Log Hill Mesa views

June andJuly:

June and July were all about exploring the high country of the San Juans, plus we visited Mesa Verde. I also was named a Stonewear Ambassador for 2013-2014.

Beth and Forrest

Mesa Verde National Park


14ers month! We climbed Mt. Sneffels and did battle with Mother Nature on El Diente before successfully summiting both it and Mt. Wilson the following week! We also attended the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City and had a blast.

Hand gash on El Diente's slopes

Beth and Forrest, summit of Pinnacle Peak


Exploring our new home continued along with doing some work up on the property.

San Juan Mountains


We adventured our way to Moab and then on to Oregon to pick up our new motorcycle. We bought our toyhauler and began making winter plans. I also became part of Columbia Sportswear’s #omniten!



We hit the road again! November stops included Goosenecks of the San Juan; Comb Wash; Cottonwood, Arizona; and backpacking in Sycamore Canyon.

Beers on the "porch"


The last month of the year was pretty much taken up getting organized in our truck and camper. We tossed in some adventures around Arizona plus I headed to Chicago for a fantastic girls weekend.

Lance 815 on a flatbed


Happy New Years from 3Up Adventures!

We cannot wait for another wonderful year of adventures in 2014!

Cunningham Mountain

Last week, Sprocket and I set out to climb Cunningham Mountain. Cunningham Mountain (3,316′) is the high point of the Dome Rock Mountains which trend north-south between Ehrenburg and Quartzsite. Towering above our camp, the summit just seemed to call to me.

Cunningham Peak from quad trail

We cheated a bit and used the quad to get to Tule Springs canyon. I wasn’t sure how far the old jeep road on some of the maps extended (or if it was even still there at all) but I figured it would be a good place to start. Sprocket was just happy to be out on his quad.

Sprocket with quad

Sprocket on the trail

The road ended about a third of the way up the canyon and turned into a trail. Someone had fairly recently flagged the trail with pink tape which made for nice walking. Sprocket always likes having a trail to follow so he can be the “leader.”

Cunningham Peak

Sprocket and Beth

The trail lead right to this big block of petroglyphs. I kept my eyes open for petroglyphs on other rocks around the area but I never saw any. By the time we arrived here, it was starting to get nice and warm…just in time to start climbing up to the summit!



Tule Springs Canyon

We climbed up to the low saddle to the southeast of the summit and met up with the jeep road from the Quartzsite side. That road doesn’t mess around! I couldn’t believe how steep it was! I should have taken more pictures while climbing the road because that’s where the best views of Quartzsite were but I was more focused on making the last steep quarter mile! Our views from the top weren’t too shabby thought!

Looking west towards Blythe:

Looking west (Blythe)

Looking east, just south of Quartzsite:

Looking east

Signal Peak:

Signal Peak

Sprocket’s Christmas Present

Sprocket’s been a really good boy this year so we wanted to buy him a nice juicy bone for Christmas. However, the last time we did that, he woke us up in the middle of the night for days needing to go potty…urgently.

Instead, we thought we should probably get him his quad back. We’ll be around Southern Arizona for quite awhile and a quad is quite enjoyable around here for a lazy black dog.

In order to haul the quad around with us, we needed to find a little trailer. F did a bunch of looking on Craigslist but the best deal we could find was to buy one new at Harbor Freight. We got some funny looks putting it together in the parking lot of Home Depot but it worked out!

Harbor Freight trailer build

Sprocket helping

Sprocket helping

Seems like Sprocket’s done this before:

Puppy Sprocket

Adventure Vehicles: Box Truck with Garage

No, don’t worry, we haven’t switched vehicles again! Instead, we’ve been talking about the many different versions of vehicle dwelling we’ve tried in the last couple of years and remembered F’s old box truck. This is what he was driving when I met him, filled with toys! I suppose I should have known what I was getting into…

Way back in 2008, F bought a partially converted UHaul truck and turned it into a total bachelor pad box truck, complete with roof top driving range and a shifter cart on the wall.

UHaul exterior

When he purchased the box truck, the garage/living space wall and bathroom were already installed. The walls were also insulated and wired. F purchased the cabinets at a thrift store. (The trophy was earned by F at a motorcycle trials event.)

UHaul interior

Prior to the Mom’s Attic days, this UHaul’s cabover only had room for a twin bed; perfect for a confirmed bachelor. Ottomans formed the seats for the “dinette.” Not pictured is the couch that was opposite the dinette.

UHaul interior

The garage had enough space for his adventure bike, trials bike, shifter cart, and a mountain bike. I wish he still had the Easy Rider poster.

UHaul garage

Immediately behind the curtain is an RV toilet. To the right of the toilet is a 3×3 shower stall. This kept the toilet segregated from the living space to cut down on any possible smells from the black water tank. On top of the shower is a small “under sink” propane hot water heater.

UHaul garage

And of course, the roof top driving range:

Roof top driving range

On The Page: Obessions Die Hard

Obsessions Die HArd

Last summer, the thrift store in Ridgway received a donation of several motorcycle travel books. I think most of them came home with us… Among the books was Obsessions Die Hard: Motorcycling the Pan American Highway’s Jungle Gap by Ed Culberson. Stationed at the Panama Canal zone in the 1970s, Culberson purchased a Honda 125 which he rode throughout Panama, eventually trading up to larger bikes and riding large portions of the Pan-American Highway. Although he wished to ride the entire Highway from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia, however, he was award of how harrowing crossing the Darién Gap could be.

Despite the challenges associated with traversing 80 miles of swamp, jungle, and rivers, Culberson decided to give it a try… or two. His vivid account of making his way though the Gap (including traveling in the company of the colorful Loren Upton) combined with some of his difficulties in crossing borders (his connections formed as an Army officer certainly helped) make for very interesting adventure reading.

I enjoyed this book a little better than MotoRaid (review coming soon), mostly because Culberson was able to relate his story in a very readable way.

Salt River Camp Photography

Last weekend, we camped on the Salt River for a night. As we pulled into camp, I spotted the moon rising over the hills so I pulled my tripod out for some fun.

Four Peaks and the moon at dusk:

Moon Rise with Four Peaks

As darkness deepened:

Darkness falls

Incoming flights to Sky Harbor:

Incoming planes