Kings Crown Peak

F had so much fun on the post-Thanksgiving Coke Ovens ride last year that he decided to do it again. Although Rodger invited me to ride along in the Razor again this year I demurred in favor of doing some more hiking. I hadn’t been out since my experience in the Sierra Estrella and it was time to get back on the wagon!

It had also been awhile since Sprocket had been out hiking so I tried to pick a hike that was within his abilities and settled on Kings Crown Peak. My research online didn’t turn up much other than a bunch of people complaining about having to bushwack up but I’m a bit skeptical of internet beta sometimes and decided to go for it anyway.

Right away I was so happy that I brought Sprocket. He ran back and forth on the broad white quartz mining road looking so happy to be out hiking. It only got better when we dropped down to cross Queen Creek and he got to do some wading. After a brief stop to play in the creek, we started climbing. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to attain the peak but I figured that we’d climb a sub-peak, get a lay of the land and make a plan.

As we climbed, our views out over the plateau began to open up; we certainly have some exploring to do in the area just to the east of Superior in the future!

See the cows? I saw them moving out of the corner of my eye and they kinda surprised me!

Here’s our first good view of Kings Crown Peak (5,541′):

These cows weren’t really pleased to see Sprocket:

The summit area was steep but Sprocket handled the scrambling around like a champ.

Looking down towards Superior from the summit:

I think Sprocket was rather proud of himself:

From the summit, we pushed north and dropped down to the mining road and walked it back the car. Sprocket enjoyed splashing through the creek crossings. In the end, we did about 6 ½ miles with about 3500′ of elevation gain; not too bad for a morning’s hike! I was totally ready for another delicious lunch at Los Hermanos with the guys!

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