Ikea for Campers

Living in a small space requires organization. I’m a big fan of having everything in our vehicles put away so it looks less cluttered. Sometimes, though, that just doesn’t work. It’s a pain to shuffle through a tote for something you use everyday like floss or deodorant.

I picked up a magazine rack at Camping World to hold the computer but didn’t really like their spice rack option and all the other storage stuff was expensive! Last Wednesday, I ran (literally) down to Ikea to see what I could find that would work in an RV.

This first item I wasn’t planning on buying. I’m always trying to find ways to use the full height of our cabinets but most shelves made for that purpose don’t have a lip or anything since houses are usually pretty stuck to their foundations. 😉 This shelf is actually supposed to be assembled so the lip hangs down from the shelf making it “pretty.” I just assembled it upside-down to give it a little something to keep stuff from sliding off.

Most of the miscellaneous stuff scattered around this photo is supposed to go in the cabinet above the kitchen area:

The result is still crowded but I actually fit more up there opening up some additional dry goods storage elsewhere.

I found this sweet little basket for the bathroom “stuff.” It was on sale with an Ikea Family Card (it’s free! And you get free coffee every visit with it!) for $1.99!

Finally, I found this really simple spice rack. It’s just what I wanted.

This is the one drawer in the whole camper. Our spatula, wooden spoon, and lighters were really dominating it making it hard to access the silverware.

The spice rack and large utensil organizer in action:

These few additions went a long way in helping the place feel more like home to me! There’s a lot less clutter to shuffle around every time I want to cook or the vehicle needs to move. More pictures of the whole set up coming soon!

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  1. So glad you two have finally seen the light (namely a truck camper!) We’ve been trying to set the example all along! LOL

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