Hiking in Table Mesa Recreation Area

Table Mesa Recreation area, located just north of New River, Arizona, is a popular motorized recreation area. It’s also a popular place to go shooting. We were there on a Saturday so F could go riding with some friends. As usual, Sprocket and I headed out for an adventure.

The trick was trying to figure out how to get out of the parking lot on our own six feet—the road had heavy traffic and target shooting was cutting off cross-country routes to the south. We safely skirted the dangers but I found myself struggling to be inspired by the hike. Sprocket, on the other hand, loves any and all hikes so it wasn’t too long before I found myself smiling.

We dropped down into a wash and started walking down it towards the Agua Fria River. This wash was mostly closed to motorized recreation and made for nice walking. It was sandy in places and had cool rock formations in others.

Just before we climbed back up to the road to walk back to the camper, we found this solo palm tree near the wash. Odd place for a palm…

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