Pilot Knob

Yesterday morning, Sprocket and I headed out for a hike. Camped outside the Quechan Casino near Yuma, we’d been looking out towards Pilot Knob (874′) for a couple of days and I finally decided it was time to head up and check out the view.

Starting up the mountain, I wasn’t sure how much of an adventure this was going to be. Sometimes climbing random desert peaks requires some route finding and, especially with Sprocket, cactus avoidance. This time, it was as easy as finding my way out of the fence surrounding the Indian reservation and heading up one of the many boot paths in the mountains. Sprocket highly prefers when there’s a path and he can lead the way!

Atop the peak, we had an awesome view down in to Los Algodones and back towards Yuma. It was pretty windy on top so we didn’t stick around too long and headed back down the hill. I knew we’d made pretty good time, but I was still confused when I opened the door of the camper and F immediately asked me, “What happened?” Turns out Sprocket and I had nailed our 4 mile, 700′ gain hike in under an hour and a half. What a team!

This was also my first hike in my Columbia Peak Freak Enduro shoes. I’m excited to pile some more miles on them so I can write a solid review soon! So far, so good.

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  1. Hi Beth, Been really enjoying your blog, hope to meet you guys one day. I recall sometime ago you mentioned that Sprocket wore little boots. Have seen him wearing them in recent photos. just curious as to how he reacted in them, from my experience dogs dont seem to like things on their feet. We are twice your age but really envy the life you both have decided to live.
    Take care


    1. The first time we put Sprocket in his Ruffwear booties he was a little displeased (see video here) but now he really doesn’t mind at all. Each time I put them on, it takes him less than a minute to re-adjust to wearing them. It’s important that the dog understands that they’re for fun, like hiking and not a punishment!

  2. Man, Sprocket is just the best. 🙂 Also, I love that you are digging those Peak Freaks! Sounds like Columbia really improved the design since the model that we were all warning you about, haha. Looking forward to your review!

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