Gear Review: climbOn! Lotion Bar

Although I’m not a climber (yet!), I bought a climbOn! bar last fall when I had dry hands that just wouldn’t heal. I’d tried all sorts of lotions but they just weren’t getting better. Finally, I broke down and ordered climbOn! because I had a sneaking suspension that chemicals and additives weren’t helping my situation. ClimbOn!’s philosophy is “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin” which totally works for me.

The climbOn! bar comes in a small metal tin. The bar comes out, you roll it around on your hands a bit working the beeswax and oils on to your skin and then you put the bar away and work the oils into your hands some more. I was afraid that it would feel a little waxy on my hands but I found that it is absorbed pretty quickly and didn’t bother me at all. After months of battling dry, cracked hands, within just a week or so, my hands were back to being nice and smooth!

At about $10 a bar, climbOn! might seem a bit expensive but I’ve found that it lasts a long time and is totally worth the price. I’ve also heard amazing things about their lip tubes and sunscreen. ClimbOn! is available at many outdoor retails and climbing gyms. You can also order directly from SKINourishment.

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  1. Beth, thanks so much for the climbOn love. We have a little something for everyone and more.

    The typical store shelf lotion is very interesting as you look at the ingredients.

    First of all, the lotion is white. Lotions aren’t white. That’s some bleached, refined, nasty synthetic ingredient(s.)

    Second, you often find water as one of the first ingredients. We don’t like paying for a bunch of water, it’s just a filler meant to make the product cheaper.

    Finally, you also often find some really interesting ingredients like “fragrance” which can mean hundreds of things.

    Read your labels 🙂
    Google the ingredients.
    You’ll be surprised.

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