Old Dominion Mine Park

In Globe, Arizona, work at the Old Dominion Mine began in 1883 by the Long Island Copper Co. and the Buffalo Mining and Smelting Co. When the Old Dominion Copper Mining Co. abandoned its workings at the original Old Dominion or Keystone mine, it took over the holdings of the Long Island Copper Co. In 1891, Phelps Dodge took over the holdings of Long Island Copper Co., renaming it United Globe Mining Co. In 1895, Old Dominion Copper Mining Co. was reorganized as Old Dominion Copper Mining and Smelting Co. Finally, the two companies were combined in 1903 as the Old Dominion Company, controlled by Phelps Dodge. In 1931, the mine was sold to the Miami Copper Co. and was closed by October of that year.

Old Dominion Mine Park Map

In 1897, the mine reached the eight level and the mine began it’s perennial struggles with water. When the mine reached the fourteenth level in about 1914, it was producing 3.75 million gallons of water everyday. When the mine closed in 1931, a combination of low ore levels and difficulty dewatering the mine lead to its closure.

Old Dominion Mine Headframe

Now, the mine site is open as a park. Although it has the barren look of a reclaimed mine, the Gila County Historical Society, BHP Bilton, Freeport-McMoran along with a state grant, the mine site features a variety of trails and a large number of interpretive signs and labels explaining the history of mining on the site. The trails form several loops and give ample opportunity to walk around and explore.

Old Dominion Mine

Sprocket says he is NOT a man and therefore cannot go down the manlift into the mine:

Sprocket in the manlift

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