Mt. June and Hardesty Mountain

Saturday, I tagged along with a hiking group I found on They were headed out to hike Mt. June and Hardesty Mountain southeast of Eugene. We started by climbing Mt. June and then returned to hike Sawtooth Trail out to Hardesty Mountain. The weather was lovely for a nice leisurely long hike along the ridge between the two peaks.

Mt June benchmark

View from Mt. June towards Sawtooth Rock and Hardesty Mountain:

Sawtooth and Hardesty Mountain from Mt. June

Mt. June from near Sawtooth Rock:

Mt. June from near Sawtooth Rock

Oregon forest

Backlit leaves

Trail Signage

Dixon Reservoir:

Dexter reservoir

“View” from Hardesty Mountain:

View from Hardesty Mountain

View from Sawtooth Rock

View from Sawtooth Rock

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