Rocky Mountain Thunderstorm

Just after we got back to Ridgway, we picked up and drove further east to Colorado Springs to pick up a motorcycle. On the way back, we stopped along the Arkansas River for a stretch break. As we were preparing to head out, thunder started to rumble in the distance. We soon found ourselves driving into the middle of a huge storm!

Thunderstorm, Bighorn Canyon, US-50

The sudden rain had water and silt washing across the roads but also had formed waterfalls coming off of the cliffs:

Cliff waterfalls. Bighorn Canyon, Colorado. US-50

Cliff waterfalls.

Water over roadway

Small debris flow

When we’d passed alongside the Arkansas the day before, it was running crystal clear. Now the geeky scientist in me really want to run a TSS (total suspended solids) sample!

Arkansas River and tributary

Rafters taking cover

Arkansas River

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